Hikari Kesho

Heroines, Witches, Water nymphs

Roberto Roda, ethnographer and photographer, and Alberto Lisi, a professional of fashion photography, have illustrated through the medium of photography a series of folk legends centred on fantastic water creatures and metamorphoses.

Pretty girls with reptile tails, fairies with goose feet, witches that can transform themselves into snakes and cats, evil nymphs that live in the waters of lakes and rivers, tragic loves, sometimes naive, charms of all sorts... This is the folklore heritage that inspires Lisi and Roda. A vast repertoire of oral tales where myth, fairy tale, sentiment and epos intermingle, leading the onlookers from the city of La Spezia to the Po and from the Po to the Neretva, the river that flows through the Bosnian martyr city of Mostar.

The territories of Northern Italy, apparently don’t have much in common with the Balkans, but it's the fantastic imagery, shared at folk level, that makes them much closer than one would think. Lisa and Roda, with philological spirit, create evocative images helped by their invaluable companions of adventure: the costume designers Dodi Ottogalli and Luca Rubaltelli, the make-up artist and hair stylist Francesca Satin, the actress Selen, from Ravenna, who interprets a demanding role with many changes of costume, from a benevolent fairy to a witch, an unfortunate heroine, a tempting water nymph, a tender mother, a strong-willed working class woman.

As the legendary adventures unwind Selen works alongside a large group of actresses and actors who do an excellent job in recreating a folklore heritage that is in danger of being forgotten.


Eroine, Streghe, Anguane Gallery

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